Little Rome


I have never seen anything like this before: traditional churches with neon crosses at the top. A very unusual and curious impression from the European view. This unreal and surreal atmosphere deeply touched me. In Sri Lanka christianity is a minor religion willing to demonstrate not to be “invisible” compared to the predominant buddhism. With my pictures I like to unveil this “invisible” aspect of the christian church. To symbolize the divine enlightenment I am using the neon crosses and light reflection as a recurrent visual element of my series. But I am spotting beyond the religious architectural symbols displaying the people and their rituals of praying. The series is a "reflection of faith" in a double meaning: a religious documentation and a strong visual symbol as well. Hence the Little Rome project is trying to blur the boarder between photojournalism and artistic photography.


I degreed in economics at the University of Cologne. For several years I´ve been working as a marketing consultant at major communication agencies in Germany. Two years ago I started studying photography in a self taught way. I received several awards and nominations at international photo competitions (such as IPA Lucy, PX3, B&W Spider, TPOTY, Colour Awards). My work was also exhibited at the summer group show from foto8 magazine at Host Gallery in London. This year I was choosen to participate in the Portfolio Reviews at PhotoEspania with my series “Little Rome”.

Dagobert Hartmann | Photography